Spotify now lets you share podcasts with timestamp - Android

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Spotify now lets you share podcasts with timestamp - Android

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Spotify is primarily a music streaming application but in recent times, it has also become popular among podcast enthusiasts. This is the reason it even added a paid podcast subscription tier. It is now time for a new Spotify update that makes it easier to share podcasts with timestamps. The same update also adds features related to sharing songs.

The main highlight of the update is obviously podcast timestamp sharing. We know that podcasts are usually long, around 45-50 minutes on average. This is the reason if you wanted to share a particular moment of a podcast with others, you had to mention that timestamp manually. With the new feature, users will be able to share podcasts directly from the particular moment of interest.

This can be done by playing the relevant podcast and move to the time where that particular moment begins. Tap the share icon like you do for sharing podcasts usually. In the share sheet, you will see a new toggle at the top which you have to turn on. The next step is to choose the app through which you want to share and that's it. The recipient will receive a link that will automatically play the podcast from the chosen timestamp.

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11/05/2021 07:39 AM