Microsoft scraps Windows 10X to focus on Windows 10 | Report - Android

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Microsoft scraps Windows 10X to focus on Windows 10 | Report - Android

It will bring some of the Windows 10X elements to Windows 10.

Microsoft has reportedly decided to scrap Windows 10X development. The report is coming from an online publication Petri citing sources familiar with the company's plans. The ambitious project is dead as things are now and the team now focusing on making the mainstream Windows 10 better.

Windows 10X was announced during the fall of 2019 alongside non-conventional devices Surface Duo and Surface Neo. The new operating system was said to be a lightweight and modern take with a special focus on foldable and dual-screen devices. This is the reason it was set for a commercial debut with the Surface Neo but the plans were changed down the line. Microsoft announced that it would arrive first on single-screen devices with a possible release sometime during H2 2021.

It seems like the plans have changed once again as Microsoft has ended Windows 10X development completely. The sources are confirmed that it will not launch this year and are skeptical about it launching ever in the future. Microsoft is said to have shifted its focus back to Windows 10 and put the specialized version in the back seat.

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10/05/2021 07:48 AM