Clubhouse on Android is now a reality except, there’s a limitation - Android

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Clubhouse on Android is now a reality except, there’s a limitation - Android

Clubhouse is the currently popular invite-only app for audio-only conversations, exhibiting the concept of interactive podcasts.

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Clubhouse, which is currently in its prime is aiming to expand its reach to attract more people. This starts with it catering to the Android users with an Android app, which has finally taken shape after a previous announcement recently.

The Clubhouse Android app is now live for users but with a number of limitations currently. Read on to know more about this.

Clubhouse Android app now available

The audio-only conversation platform, via a blog post, has revealed that Clubhouse for Android is now available as a beta version. Another limitation is that the app is currently being rolled out to people in the US.

Following this, it will reach more “English-speaking” countries and then all the countries. This will start in the next few weeks after collecting users’ feedback and fixing problems if any.

The app won’t leave its essence and will still remain invite-only, much like it happens currently for iOS users. Clubhouse’s Android version is also expected to get features such as payments and club creation before it reaches a wider audience.

Apart from this, the app lacks a few more features. As revealed via a separate FAQ section, Clubhouse for Android is yet to get features such as the ability to follow topics, in-app translations, creation of clubs, and Twitter/Instagram account linking. The list also includes name/username updates in the app, a sidebar, and the ability to report someone.

In addition to this, Clubhouse for iOS is expected to get hold of new features such as opening the app to more people, enhanced accessibility features, and more. The aim is to further expand the club.

For the uninitiated, Clubhouse is an interactive platform for voice-only chats on various topics of varying interests. The app rose to popularity last year and currently has various apps copying it. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and more.

10/05/2021 08:15 AM