Vivo commits to 3 years of Android OS upgrades for future X series smartphones - Android

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Vivo commits to 3 years of Android OS upgrades for future X series smartphones - Android

Vivo has hopped onto the bandwagon of brands that are providing 3 years of OS upgrades. But Vivo will provide it only for a select smartphones.

Vivo has announced that it will be expanding the software support for its smartphones committing to three years of OS upgrades, but only for a select few models. Vivo has joined Google, Samsung and Nokia in the list of brands that now provide extended software support instead of usual two years of OS upgrades scheme that most manufacturers follow.


The X series models that will launch after July 2021 will get 3 years of OS upgrades while the existing X series model won't be a part of this extended software support. 


"Featuring top of the line hardware, the X series flagship phones are built to last – and we want to make sure that our customers get software support that lives up to their expectations," said Yujian Shi, Senior Vice President and CTO of vivo.


"We always innovate with the user in mind. With this pledge, we are making a promise to our customers that they will be able to enjoy a premium smartphone experience for an extended period and continue to benefit from the latest software features", Yuijan adds. 


The policy covers the European, Australian, and Indian markets. However, existing X series models will continue to get security patches for 3 years even though they aren't eligible for the OS upgrade plans. 


Vivo has faced a lot of criticism in the past because of the slow updates and security patches being pushed to its devices in an irregular manner. But the company has been focusing a lot on the software side of things now. It became the first brand to ship a device in 2020 that came with Android 11 out-of-the-box.

10/05/2021 01:44 PM