WhatsApp chat history migration feature new details emerge - What it will be like - Android

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WhatsApp chat history migration feature new details emerge - What it will be like - Android

WhatsApp is soon to launch the new chat migration feature, which will allow people to transfer chats from Android to iOS and vice-versa with great ease.

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WhatsApp is soon expected to introduce a new feature, which will allow people to easily transfer chats between Android and iOS devices. This feature will be an extension of the multi-device support, which is also to reach WhatsApp users soon.

Now, a new leak has popped up telling us more about the upcoming WhatsApp chat migration feature. Read on to know more about this.

WhatsApp chat migration feature details surface

As revealed by WaBetaInfo, the messaging app’s new beta version gives us an idea as to what capabilities the feature will get.

It is suggested that apart from the easy transfer of WhatsApp chats between two devices, WhatsApp will also sync them. This means that chats on two different phones with the same WhatsApp account will be kept in sync for further ease of usage.

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Image: WaBetaInfo

This will also include pinned and starred messages. However, if a chat deleted on one device is deleted, it won’t reflect on the other. Unless the deletion happens for everyone: the sender and all the recipients.

However, it still remains unknown as to how the upcoming chat migration feature on WhatsApp feature will work. Although, a previous leak suggests that it will make take Google Drive’s help for the same.

WhatsApp multi-device support feature in tow too

The new chat migration feature will be in addition to the multi-device support one, which will allow people to use the app on multiple devices (up to four) simultaneously.

This can even work without the need for the internet and users are also expected to get the ability to log out of the linked devices to link new ones or delink the existing ones. The feature will be available for WhatsApp’s Android, iOS, and web versions.

However, we still don’t know when exactly WhatsApp plans to introduce the feature for all. We will let you know once this happens. Therefore, stay tuned.

09/05/2021 04:19 PM