Battlegrounds Mobile India APK to be available in June - Here’s all you need to know - Android

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Battlegrounds Mobile India APK to be available in June - Here’s all you need to know - Android

Battlegrounds Mobile is the renamed PUBG Mobile battle royale game aiming to set foot in India after it was banned last year.

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PUBG Mobile India’s return to the Indian shores just got confirmed after Krafton recently announced the battle royale game’s new name — Battlegrounds Mobile — India. Ever since then, we have been seeing details regarding it surfacing and the most recent one hints at its arrival time in India.

The new detail gives un an inkling as to when its APK can be downloaded and by the looks of it, this is going to happen super soon. Read on to know more about this.

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK availability tipped

According to popular PUBG Mobile commentator Ocean Sharma (Via Sportskeeda), Battlegrounds Mobile India’s APK is expected to be available in June. This means that people in India will be able to play the game, starting next month.

It is also revealed that the announcement of the rebadged version of PUBG Mobile is a two-parter plan. The first part (which involved the introduction of the teaser) has already been announced and the second part, which is most likely to be a trailer announcement is scheduled to take place by the end of this month.

This information comes after Maxtern, who is another renowned Indian gamer, recently hinted at the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India by June. This raises the chances of the game’s arrival in June.

However, we still need to wait for any official word by Krafton.

Battlegrounds Mobile India details

The Battlegrounds Mobile India will be based on the concept of a battle royale game with a multiplayer mode and support for in-game events like outfits and features. However, it remains to be seen how they will be like.

It will be an India-exclusive game and is aimed at boosting the eSports arena by conducting high-prize tournaments in India.

For safety reasons (which mainly led to the ban of PUBG Mobile in India), the game will only be playable by people above 18 years. Further restrictions will include gameplay of only 3 hours and a cap of Rs 7,000 on in-app purchases, owing to the various controversies the game was caught up in previously.

Additionally, players’ information will be stored on Indian and Singapore servers to ensure their privacy.

While we lack all the information on Battlegrounds Mobile, its teaser throws light on the Miramar map and gameplay cues taken from PUBG Mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile will go through a pre-registration process before it becomes available for all. However, we don’t know when this will happen and if it will be available for both Android and iOS.

We will let you know once we get more details on this. So, stay tuned to this space.

09/05/2021 06:01 PM