YouTube Android app can now stream 4K HDR videos - Android

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YouTube Android app can now stream 4K HDR videos - Android

It will work on all Android smartphones and tablets.

The official YouTube Android application is a good and efficient way of watching your favorite videos and content creators on the go. It keeps a track of all your subscriptions and liked videos to give you an experience similar to the website version. However, it had a major drawback where the video resolution was limited to 2K resolution which has now been removed.

The YouTube Android app has now been updated to support 4K HDR video streaming. It goes without saying that you will need to have an Android device with hardware capable of playing 4K HDR videos. If you have a smartphone or tablet that can stream only in 4K and not in HDR, then the app will not show you the HDR option.

It is important to note that phones with a low-resolution display like 1080p will show videos with the 2160p resolution option but will not actually be streaming it in top quality. It will only result in your phone's data getting consumed in accordance with 2160p streaming but you will still be watching it at the highest quality supported by your phone's display.

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22/02/2021 03:05 AM