Truly bezel-less Lenovo Z5 may come with 4TB storage - Android

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Truly bezel-less Lenovo Z5 may come with 4TB storage - Android

Lenovo Z5 is in the news again. This time thanks to Lenovo's VP Mr. Chang Cheng's post which suggests that the phone will come with a mammoth 4TB storage.

Looks like Lenovo is going for the kill with its upcoming Android smartphone the Lenovo Z5. For the unaware, the company claims to be working on a smartphone with a whopping 95% screen to body ratio. Insane it sounds, however, Lenovo doesn’t want to stop here and wants to raise the bar much higher.

Recently, Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng dropped another bombshell. In his latest post on the Chinese social media network Weibo, Mr. Chang has mentioned a colossal 4TB flash storage, this alludes that the Lenovo Z5, which is slated to announce in June will include 4TB storage.

While Mr. Cheng has not specified anything else regarding the 4TB storage phone, we have never heard of a smartphone boasting 4TB of storage. However, another Chinese company Smartisan has launched a smartphone with 1TB of storage. It does leave us expecting more from this upcoming Lenovo smartphone with virtually unlimited storage.

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17/05/2018 06:19 AM