This shows Google Pixel 5a is already in development - Android

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This shows Google Pixel 5a is already in development - Android

Google Pixel 5a name appears for the first time and that too days before Pixel 4a launch.

The Pixel 4a is not yet official but the development around its successor, the Pixel 5a looks to have started already. Well, this is evident from a code change in the Android Open Source Project. As spotted by Dylan Roussel, 9to5Google’s contributor, there is a direct mention of this future phone in the list of Google’s other existing and upcoming Pixel phones.

The list shares the names - mid-range Pixel 4a, upper mid-range Pixel 4a 5G, Pixel 5, and Pixel 5a. This clearly tells Google Pixel 5a is in development as well. The tech site points out that the phone is likely to release in the middle of the year as it will be on Android 11 (R) instead of next fall’s Android 12.

This will be considered as the first-ever appearance of Google’s one more mid-range phone. It is not surprising to see Google envisioning a future with Pixel 5a. As 9to5Google has pointed out, the success of Pixel 3a and now the excitement around the Pixel 4a have given Google enough reasons to continue with this lineup.

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01/08/2020 09:35 AM