Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may receive an early launch | Report - Android

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may receive an early launch | Report - Android

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will have a little early launch than the expected launch.

We may see Galaxy Note 9 coming earlier than expected, well, the speculation is coming from The Korea Herald that reported Samsung is speeding up the schedule for new flagship smartphones. This actually doesn’t come out as a surprise considering Galaxy S9 series also released a month early compared to Samsung’s previous Galaxy S launches.

Last year’s Galaxy Note 8 hit store shelves on September 15th and now Galaxy Note 9 is expected to come even earlier.

The publishing media cites the industry sources and tell that Samsung maybe speeding up the schedule of new flagship smartphones that are slated for launch later this year and even 2019. This means the Galaxy Note 9 and the S10 will release early for the customers. Also, according to the reports, local part suppliers for Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones deem that Samsung will unveil upcoming flagships slightly earlier than previous years. The exact reason behind this belief is unknown but low sales of the latest Galaxy S9 series seem to be the only reason.

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17/05/2018 02:57 AM