OnePlus 7 Pro shutdown bug to soon be fixed, ensures company - Android

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OnePlus 7 Pro shutdown bug to soon be fixed, ensures company - Android

OnePlus to bring a fix to random shutdown bug that has been affecting some OnePlus 7 Pro users.

OnePlus 7 Pro has undoubtedly made its position in the best smartphones of 2019. And, the credit goes to its smoother display combined with powerful performance. However, the phone got plagued with some issues in the beginning and while the company managed to solve many of them, a few are still causing problems to the users. Well, bugs and software issues aren’t new and there isn’t any surprise in seeing them but when some of them start to annoy then it becomes serious for the company to come with a solution and eradicate them fully.

Having said that, OnePlus is now addressing a widespread bug that has been causing a problem to some of the owners of the OnePlus 7 Pro. Affected users have been posting on the OnePlus forums that their phones are randomly turning off or shutting down. The issue is, however, reported by a minority of users but so many requests on the forum thread indicate an urgent solution.

The tech site AndroidPolice, dedicated to everything Android reached to OnePlus to know if it’s working on the solution of it. Upon this, a representative reportedly replied, “we are aware of this issue, and we will be issuing an update to address it.” The representative, however, didn’t utter when to expect the solution to come but at least his statement will heave a sigh of relief to the users that the company would offer the solution.

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11/07/2019 05:08 AM