LG Rollable future still undecided as confirmed by company - Android

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LG Rollable future still undecided as confirmed by company - Android

LG is sticking to the original development plans for the time being.

The future of LG's smartphone business is under serious doubt for the past few months. There have been reports suggesting a complete shutdown is imminent and even LG has officially acknowledged considering such a move. In the meantime, it has also been teasing the launch of its first-ever rollable display smartphone called LG Rollable.

A fresh report from Yonhap News claimed that LG Rollable development plans may have been put on hold. It added that the company has informed suppliers including display supplier BOE about the possible move. This led to speculations that the launch might not happen this year as expected previously. However, LG has officially denied the report and said that no such decision has been taken yet.

In a statement given to The Verge, an LG spokesperson said, “I can firmly deny that any such decision on future mobile products has been finalized." It should be noted that this response does not necessarily mean that the LG Rollable phone will actually be released this year. It only confirms that LG's continuing with its original plan for the time being and there is still a possibility that things might change down the line.

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23/02/2021 03:09 AM