Hindi language support might be coming soon to Instagram - Android

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Hindi language support might be coming soon to Instagram - Android

Instagram is working on a Hindi version of the app to get better penetration into the Indian market.

Instagram brings frequent updates and new features to make the platform a great place for the users may those be AI filters or security features. In the latest development, the platform is working on to attract more of Indian userbase as it seems to be working on a Hindi support for the app. Found out by an independent app researcher Jane Manchun Wong in a test version of the Instagram app.

His findings show Instagram showing comments, setting menus and entire profile information in the Hindi language in a series of screenshots. As much as the IGTV section is also seen presented in the Hindi language. Indian mobile market is one of the leading with over a billion people awaited to be tapped by Instagram. Having Hindi support onboard would help Instagram better penetrate into the local Indian market where people don’t understand or prefer English as their language of use every day.

An interesting report shared by Google and KPMG share that by 2021, number of internet users in India using Hindi would surpass the English internet users, which is a huge insight for the companies who’re willing to expand their operations into the growing economy.

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08/11/2018 10:07 AM