Google tests automatic car detection feature in Android Q, maybe exclusive to Pixel - Android

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Google tests automatic car detection feature in Android Q, maybe exclusive to Pixel - Android

Google testing automatic care detection feature in Android. This feature could come only for Pixel devices.

Google’s Pixel phones have many such features which aren’t available to your Android phones from OEMs. One of the latest features to exemplify here is the Night Sight which is no lesser than a secret sauce of Google for its Pixel phones and while many want this feature to come to other phones as well, Google has no plans of doing so, because exclusivity is a real thing and it does bring fruits. Isn’t it? Well, moving on, the article isn’t about gratifying Google but what new feature its next major operating system upgrade is bringing. And, according to the findings, a new spotted feature could be exclusive to Pixel phones yet again.

Folks over at XDA Developers who are continuously digging inside the latest Android Q Beta 3 have found a reference to a new feature that could be exclusive to Pixel phones. The folks have found references to car crash detection functionality in the Android Q Beta 3 Safety Hub app. A string notes that the function will “automatically launch an alert activity when the device detects you’re in a car crash.” Another string indicates that the feature is going to be exclusive to Pixels. Thus so many Android phones from OEMs might miss out this functionality entirely.

It’s unknown how the Safety Hub app will detect a car crash. It’s estimated that the feature will harness GPS data to determine whether you’re in a car, accelerometer to detect a sudden or violent stop, and microphone to listen to the sound of the crash. The data collected from them may further be tied with Google’s machine learning tech to find out the accuracy.

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14/05/2019 06:35 AM