Google announces official Android support for ‘Foldables’ - Android

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Google announces official Android support for ‘Foldables’ - Android

Google has announced that Android will officially support Foldables.

Foldable devices are here, both commercial units from nondescript manufacturers and big brands’ soon to be available ones. Fittingly, Google has announced that it will officially support these upcoming foldable phones or devices. At the Android Developer Summit, Google’s VP of engineering Dave Burke stated that “enhancing Android to take advantage of this new form factor with as little work as necessary.” Google calls this new category as “Foldables”.

This announcement comes in line with Samsung’s Galaxy F reveal which is said to feature a custom Android skin to support the new form factor. Official support from Android would mean natively built experience for the foldable devices offering a seamless transition between different screens.

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08/11/2018 03:10 AM