Google announces YouTube Music; 'Red' will be replaced by 'Premium' - Android

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Google announces YouTube Music; 'Red' will be replaced by 'Premium' - Android

It is trying to fix the confusing music/video streaming situation.

In the past few years, Google has tried different ways of excelling in the music streaming market. It announced Google Play Music, YouTube Red, and YouTube Music but none of them actually worked the way were intended to. One of the major reasons behind that was the confusion they created in the mind of many users. This is the reason Google has been reported to be working on fixing things for past one year and now, it has finally revealed plans of how it is hoping to do that.

It has announced a revamped YouTube Music with the focus on personalization and curated playlists. It also being offered as a one-stop solution for users' music and video streaming needs. This means no matter whether you want to watch music videos or just listen to the audio, you can do both with the all-new YouTube Music. There will also be a lot of playlists and radio stations to help you get the dose of non-stop music. As you will keep using the service, it will analyze your usage behavior and preferences to suggest you new music and artists which you are less likely to find otherwise.

It will be available for free but will feature ads for obvious reasons. If you don't want ads to ruin your music listening experience, you can opt for the YouTube Music Premium priced at $9.99 per month. It should be noted that this new service will eventually be replacing Google Play Music but for now, the latter will continue to exist with no changes. This is the reason if you will get free Premium access to the service if you are a Play Music subscriber.

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17/05/2018 04:04 AM