Google Live Albums make it easier to group photos into albums - Android

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Google Live Albums make it easier to group photos into albums - Android

Google Photos rolls out a new feature of Live Albums that automatically includes pictures of your loved ones in albums

Tech giant Google held a launch event yesterday that showcased new products and services like Google Pixel 3, Google Home hub, Google Slate and so much more. Another highly useful feature was the Google live albums that would make sharing photos with your loved ones much simpler and easier. Imagine you have a huge list of photos in your gallery that you’d want to share with your friends and family and you’d have to tick all the photos from an event with all the occurrences of your family members, your pets and more.

Now Google Live Photos would make it all automated. Simply select the faces (photo) of the people you want to send pictures of and Google Live Photos would utilize the power of artificial intelligence to recognize those faces in all of your other photos and then collect them into an album to send to the loved ones. I could already feel so excited about this, are you? Before taking photos, simply select initial pictures of the people you want to be in a certain album. Then as you would take the pictures, Google Photos would automatically update its photos list and then include those pictures featuring the people you previously market.

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10/10/2018 01:15 AM