Google+ for consumers is shutting down after a huge privacy bug - Android

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Google+ for consumers is shutting down after a huge privacy bug - Android

Google+ for consumers is shutting down after the security breach. The enterprise edition will continue to stay.

While the trauma of Facebook’s biggest breach that said to have released the data of around millions of users hasn’t yet forgotten by us, a report on a new breach reportedly done by Google has come up. Surprisingly, the Google+ data breach was discovered and got a fix already by Google in March of this year. The private data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users got exposed and they couldn’t get the information on the same. Reportedly according to an internal memo, the data exposure case was also warned not to be disclosed as it could result in Google “coming into the spotlight alongside or even instead of Facebook despite having stayed under the radar throughout the Cambridge Analytica scandal."

Following the report, Google chose to fix this leakage silently as it feared regulatory scrutiny. The report comes from The Wall Street Journal that throws light on when and what happened exactly.

According to the report, a vulnerability found in the Google+ exposed the personal data of “hundreds of thousands” of people using the site between 2015 and March 2018. On the other hand, while making an update to its Project Strobe, Google has said that it has “found no evidence that any Profile data was misused.” Project Strobe is a branch that reviews third-party developer access to Google account and Android device data.

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08/10/2018 03:08 PM