Essential developing a revolutionary AI based phone - Android

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Essential developing a revolutionary AI based phone - Android

Essential is developing on a next-gen AI based phone which will be game-changing.

Andy Rubin’s ambitious Essential Products start-up has been working on robust software support for its smartphone. Ex-Googler and Android co-founding father Andy Rubin has reportedly canceled Essential Phone 2 development and is reportedly considering selling the company that he had established back in 2015.

According to reports, Rubin is continuing to work on a “game-changing” product which could eventually materialize as an entirely “new kind of phone.” The new device would have a smaller than the standard screen, according to “people familiar with the plans”. The company will be relying mainly on voice commands for a type of user interaction which till now has only been possible in sci-fi movies.

The new mobile device is intended as a “virtual version of you”, and could book appointments, as well as answer emails and text messages by itself. The next generation AI technology will be the next step and will take a long time before it makes it to the consumers.

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10/10/2018 10:08 AM