Bonito and Sargo could be budget Pixel devices in work - Report - Android

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Bonito and Sargo could be budget Pixel devices in work - Report - Android

Google may be working on two budget Pixel devices.

As per reports, Google has been working on a mid-tier Pixel device for emerging markets. Google has neither confirmed nor denied any such reports. Throughout the year, we had rumors and leaks suggested the existence of one such device and it was tipped to launch alongside the Pixel devices in the October event.

Today the alleged device has resurfaced as folks at AndroidPolice tore down the latest ARCore application. The ARCore list is regularly updated with new devices that support AR, hinting that the new device may get launched soon. In the latest update, a couple of devices were spotted, one with a name Bonito and the other one named Sargo. These codenames are in line with Google’s process of keeping fish-themed names for upcoming devices.

It is speculated that ‘Bonito’ could be a mobile device powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 while ‘Sargo’ could be the one powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 series SoC. There have been quite a few rumors around the device call Bonito including a mysterious GFXBench appearance, last month. Talking about the second device, nothing much is known yet. However, this falls in line with Google’s two device strategy.

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