Best smartphones with dual rear cameras | March 2018 - Android

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Best smartphones with dual rear cameras | March 2018 - Android

Check out the best smartphones with dual camera setup to quench your photography thirst.

There was a time when people had to hire photographers or buy expensive professional cameras if they wanted to click photos and capture the moments they wanted to preserve. This changed with the rise of smartphones and their powerful cameras as now, anyone can be a photographer and start clicking photos instantly. It is true that smartphones are way behind if they really want to surpass the capabilities of a professional camera but modern smartphones can get the job done for you. But with time, OEMs have practically reached the limits of offering a powerful sensor while keeping the smartphones slim enough.

It is the reason that OEMs have started to look for ways to offer improved and better cameras without making phones thick and for the moment, their best solution is to offer dual rear camera setup. It means there will be two different camera sensors at the back to help you click that perfect shot. While this approach was first attempted by the HTC One M8 in 2014 , it is appearing to get mainstream in the current scenario. The market has now welcomed smartphones that have dual front cameras, as well, so you can take a look at them too.

We have compiled a list of best smartphones with dual rear cameras that you can go and buy right now.

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13/03/2018 10:30 AM